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"If you're thinking about listing your home, purchasing a new one, or both, this is your realtor. Kelley is exceptional! She's sharp, does her research, and knows the market. We needed to sell our home in a certain time frame and she got it done without us leaving a penny on the table. Most importantly, she operates with integrity, always keeping your best interest front and center. It's not just about closing the deal, it's about you coming out of it happy." 

                                - Kristy & Mike (Seller & Buyer - 1st Qtr 2018)

This may have been the smoothest real estate transaction we've ever been through, thanks to Hank, Kelley and Bobby. Although we hope we don't personally need your services again (ha!), we most certainly will refer you to our friends!!!"

                                - Mr & Mrs. Daniel

"Bobby took care of coordinating all repairs and had someone check on the house while it was vacant. I liked Bobby. Good guy and he did well by me."

                                                       - Don (Seller - 12/21/2017)

"Jeremy was always available to answer questions and help me out when needed. Jeremy was an awesome!"

                                                       - Melanie (Buyer - 9/13/2017)

"Bobby was excellent. He made the process very easy. He basically took the thinking for us out of the process. He seemed to answer our questions before we asked them. He was always a step ahead. Bobby and his whole office were very helpful and were always able to help. We will definitely recommend to friends and family. "

                                                  - Brian & Kendra (Buyers & Sellers 8/16/2017)

"You guys are great! What I liked best at working with this group was Jeremy Lee's awesome patience in showing me multiple listings! Appreciate your timely responses to all aspects of this purchase!"

                                                       - Anna (Buyer - 8/9/2017)

"Every question and situation was addressed down to the finest detail - INCLUDING correcting attorney's closing scheduling errors. Perfect experience all the way through. Friendly, yet professional feel. Thank you for everything!!"

                                                       - Roger & Joni (Seller - 7/16/2017)

"Constant customer service and extensive knowledge of the local market. They were very patient and honest. Bobby will give you his honest opinion on a home, , on whether is it the right house for you, even if it costs him the sale of that home."

                                                       - Justin (Buyer - 7/13/2017)

"Always answer phone every time and kept us updated with any changes. Fast service. Thank You!"

                                                       - Ron (Buyer - 5/6/2017)

"Appreciate Jeremy helping us out. Great guy to talk to and share ideas. They helps us with finding a house, recommending inspectors and law firm."

                                                       - Scott & Sharyn (Buyers - 4/18/2017)

"Bobby stayed on top of everything to make sure it was ready to close. He is there for you any time, day or night, and if bobby can't help at the time you need him just ask for Kelley! "

                                                       - Cheryl (Buyer - 3/27/2017)

 "I thank you all are on the ball and have all the bases covered. All I had to do is show up and sign some paperwork. They are all great to work with, I would not trust any other real estate agent. They treat you just like family at Bobby's Group. I have bought many properties from Bobby's Group and every time I have never had a problem. They answer all questions you might have. Thank you again to all of you at Bobby's group!"

                                                       - Mark (Buyer - 3/24/2017)

"Jeremy Lee was a friendly, straight forward agent. Office staff was helpful with all the paperwork at closing and went to the extra effort of correcting all the attorney's errors. They were all personable and easy to trust. Thank you for all your help along the way. We always felt like help was seconds away when we needed it.”

                                                       - Joni & Roger  (Buyer - 2/22/2017)

"I was kept informed about all the details every step through the transaction which made it a lot easier. The services [provided by Bobby's Group] were excellent. Overall excellent experience, great company, & great personable and knowledgeable agent."

                                                       - Kareem  (Buyer - 2/10/2017)

Jeremy was an "easy to reach agent, even outside of business hours - amazing!! He was excellent in keeping us informed and updated regarding the homes for sale within our criteria and preferences. He submitted our offers without pressuring us to submit higher offers. Felt very respected throughout the entire process. Thank you very much for all efforts on our behalf, including extra efforts with multiple delays from the seller's bank. We plan to have an ongoing business relationship with RE/MAX Results so we will continue to be in touch!"

                                                       - Joni & Roger (Buyers - 2/1/2017)

"The fact that Jeremy was easy to reach and punctual. Really enjoyed working with Jeremy, looking forward to working with him in the future on other projects."

                                                       - Sharon  (Buyer - 11/17/2016)

“Bobby is very knowledgeable of the market. Bobby was excellent. He made the process very easy. He basically took the thinking for us out of the process. He seemed to answer our questions before we asked them. He was always a step ahead. We will definitely recommend to friends and family.”

                                                       - Kelly & Andretta (Buyers - 6/10/2016)

"Very down to earth people just like family"

                                                       - Mark (Buyer - 4/28/2016)

"Getting our phone calls and questions answered right away and all the real estate knowledge and advice was great along with the amount of time they invested in us. We couldn't have asked for more. Thank you so much!! We appreciate all of your time and guidance very much!" 

                                                       - Danielle (Buyer - 3/4/2016)

"My experience with the whole group was very fulfilling, especially the fact that this was my first home purchase, from the first time I called to the last second I closed, I have always had advice and support .Thank you guys for all the long hard work that has been put forth us closing."

                                                       - Devon (Buyer - 1/5/2016)

“Everything we did was very easy due to Kelley's knowledge and her attention to detail. She anticipated what was needed next and was always one step ahead.” What we liked most about working with Bobby’s Group was “the friendliness and wiliness to provide all information needed. Kelley is WONDERFUL!” 

                                                       - Ed & Pam (Buyers - 10/13/2015)

“Thank you for being a full service team. Once you put your sign in the yard and began your marketing efforts our home was under contract in less than 30 hours. Our home was Listed, Under Contract and Sold in less than a month. Your team is Awesome and we would highly recommend you to any of our friends and family. You literally worked right along side with us every step of the way. ... You were even there to tie up the loose ends once we had to move away. (you were even willing to send our satellite receivers back for us.) Ya'll were great!

Thank you so much for everything! We truly enjoyed working with your team and we will miss you all very much.

Bobby's Group with RE/MAX Results Rocks!!”

                                                       - Ronna & Kevin (Seller - 8/12/2015) 

“Bobby’s Group provided the total package. We were shown multiple homes and the entire process was made simple for us as first time buyers. They were personable Realtors and guided us step by step through the home buying process.”

                                                       - Brian (Buyer - 7/9/2015)

“They were very helpful and informative. Pretty much did everything for us. The team was very easy to work with and super friendly. Bobby was very easy to get a hold of when we had questions and is a very open and honest person. They went above and beyond helping us get the house ready to sell. Pretty smooth process and would highly recommend him and his team to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.”

                                                        - Ron & Felicia (Sellers - 6/29/2015)

“We were able to communicate by email/text/phone and was answered promptly and courteously. I felt like I was her only client at the moment and felt like top priority. We referred friends to her and they sold home as quick as we did and had great experience, too.”


                                                    - Emily & Jon  (Seller - 5/25/2015)

“I truly appreciate all of the help you gave me and my sister in bringing this sale to fruition. There were many times when I didn't know how to handle some of the situations pertaining to various offers and counter offers being proposed. Thanks to your guidance, all went well. Thank you for being so patient with my frequent phone calls and questions. I have enjoyed working with you.”

                                                     -        John (Seller - 04/16/2015)

“Everyone on the team was very helpful anytime I needed anything. They provided everything that I needed, were very easy to talk to and kept me up to date on the process. I would recommend them to everyone.“


                                                     -        Brian (Buyer & Seller – 02/25/2015)

“Bobby’s Group was always willing to go the extra mile to help with contractors at the house. They were available when called and did those little extra things. Continue to provide those excellent services and great work Bobby’s Group!”

                                                    -        Glen (Seller – 02/22/2015)

“Bobby provided excellent attention, detail and an great amount of knowledge. I loved the fact that he was always honest with me. He was always honest, called back or emailed as soon as he could and provided full details and knowledge. He always went the extra mile and the services that he has in place are perfect.”

                                                    -        Ali (Buyer – 02/20/2015)

“Kelley made the sale of our home the easiest and most pleasant experience we have ever had selling or buying a home.  Since we had already moved months ago, everything was done by phone or email until the day of closing.  Within weeks of listing we had several offers and sold the house in less than two months.  Kelley tackled every problem and stayed on top of things to make the Closing happen.  My husband and I would recommend Kelley 100%.”

                                                   -       Melanie & Jim (Sellers -  06/20/2013) 

“My name is Max. I live in Newnan, GA. I bought house from Bobby's Group. They are very honest people. They will go an extra mile for you to help you and close the deal. The house I bought was HUD house. They helped me on calling their own repairman to make sure everything was working in the house before I bought the house. The young Lady you see in the picture is his daughter and she is very talented just like her father and I used to call her the brain of their business. In the real estate business, it is very common that you are competing with many other offers and the best offer wins. I will give Bobby's group a 5 star.”

                                                      -        Max (Buyer – 2011)   

“Bobby and Kelley were very friendly and willing to do whatever it took to find what we were looking for. They were always professional, courteous and definitely meet and exceeded our expectations. They were always willing to go and research properties for us while we were still in New York. They even gathered the necessary paperwork to enroll our daughter in school. We logged a lot of hours together and shared many good times. They took the stress out of a very stressful time. Hopefully, we don´t have to do this again for a while but I will refer all my friends and family to them in the future.”

                                                       -        Kelly & Leif (Buyer - 03/08/2007)